Design and Testing Ways for Mechatronic Systems


Liviu Mihai Sima, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania


The elements of a mechatronic system, which are mechanical, electrical and electronic, are interconnected and the connection between the different parts must act as a unit. The exchange of information between two components of the system is possible if there is a communication in common parameters. The interface refers to all the ways to handle the processes in a system. The number and design of interfaces within an architecture and system boundary significantly influence the simplicity, adaptability, and testability of a system. Interfaces, which are hardware and software, define the functionality of the system by inserting functions from one component to another. The article describes the method of selecting the components and the way of testing the system during production. Finally, the system must meet the requirements of the customer. The mechatronic system discussed is an industrial product, created in a digital factory.


Mechatronic Components, Design Structure, Hardware and Software Interfaces, Multidisciplinary Integrated Design.