Concept of Delivery System in the Smart City Environment


Zuzana Špitálová, Oliver Leontiev and Patrik Harmaňoš, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia


Regarding to the smart city infrastructures, there is a demand for big data processing and its further usage. This data can be gained by various means. There are many IoT devices in the city, which can communicate and share the information about the environment which they are situated in. Moreover every personal mobile device can also participate in this process and help to gain data via various applications. Every app provides the useful data, enabling the location and data sharing. This data can be further processed and used for improving the city infrastructure, transport or other services. We designed the system for shared delivery process, which can help to achieve the described situation. It consists of frontend and backend part. The frontend part, multiplatform mobile app, represents the graphical interface and the backend part represents the database for the gained data.


Smart City, Delivery System, PostrgreSQL, ReactNative, API