Security Attacks and Countermeasures in Smart Homes


Hasibul Alam and Emmett Tomai, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA


The Internet of Things (IoT) application is visible in all aspects of humans’ day-to-day affairs. The demand for IoT is growing at an unprecedented rate, from wearable wristwatches to autopilot cars. The smart home has also seen significant advancements to improve the quality of lifestyle. However, the security and privacy of IoT devices have become primary concerns as data is shared among intelligent devices and over the internet in a smart home network. There are several attacks - node capturing attack, sniffing attack, malware attack, boot phase attack, etc., which are conducted by adversaries to breach the security of smart homes. The security breach has a negative impact on the tenants' privacy and prevents the availability of smart home services. This article presents smart homes' most common security attacks and mitigation techniques.


Internet-of-Things, Smart Home Architecture, Security Attacks on Smart Homes, Application of Smart Homes