An Expert System as an Awareness Tool to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks in Public Organizations


Waldson Rodrigues Cardoso, Joao Marco Silva and Admilson Ribamar Lima Ribeiro, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil


This article highlights the development of an awareness tool in the form of an expert system to prevent social engineering attacks in public organizations. Social engineering attacks have significant consequences for organizations, resulting in security breaches, loss of confidential information, and reputation damage. While protective measures such as awareness training and security policies have been implemented, there is still room for improvement. The tool under development will empower users to identify and avoid psychological manipulation techniques used by attackers, thereby strengthening information security and mitigating associated risks. It addresses key concepts in information security and includes interactive modules based on learning theories, as well as artificial intelligence capabilities to identify vulnerabilities. Once developed and validated, it is expected that this tool will significantly contribute to awareness and protection against social engineering attacks in public organizations, enhancing information security and reducing risks.


Social Engineering Attacks, Information Security, Expert System, Awareness, Mitigation.