Business Process Modeled with BPMN and CTL Model Checking


F. Ouazar, M.C. Boukala and M.Ioualalen, USTHB, Algeria


Despite the richness of the BPMN language and its advantages for the specification of business processes, it remains a semi-formal language that does not allow rigorous verification of the specifications produced with it, and does not offer any methodological support to cover the verification phase. Therefore, several works have been proposed with the aim of describing the semantics of the BPMN language by a mathematical formalism. In this paper we address the issue of verifying BPMN models with an approach based on model-checking, where we focus on soundness, fairness, and safety properties. Thus by having a business process modeled by BPMN, a formal semantics for BPMN models based on Kripke structure will be provided for a formal verification of correctness. The properties are expressed with CTL (Computation Tree Logic) formulas. At the end, the model checker NuSMV is used for the verification of the formula.


Business process, model-checking, formal methods, temporal logic CTL, Kripke structure.