Enhancing Time Series Anomaly Detection: A Hybrid Model Fusion Approach


Paul Addai1, Pedro Pinto2, and Tauheed Khan Mohd3, 1Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, 2Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo (IPVC), Portugal, 3Eastern Michigan University, USA


Exploring and Identifying Anomalies in time-series data is very crucial in today’s world revolve around data. These data are being used to make important decisions; hence, an efficient and reliable anomaly detection system should be involved in this process to ensure that the best decisions are being made. The paper explores other types of anomalies and proposes efficient detection methods which can be used. Anomalies are patterns that deviate from usual expected behavior. These can come from system failures or unexpected activity. This research paper explores the vulnerabilities of commonly used anomaly detection algorithms such as the Z-Score and static threshold approach. Each method used in this paper has its unique capabilities and limitations. These methods range from using statistical methods and machine learning approaches to detecting anomalies in a time-series dataset. Furthermore, this paper explores other open-source libraries that can be used to detect anomalies, such as Greykite and Prophet Python library. This paper serves as a good source for anyone new to anomaly detection and willing to explore.


anomaly, forecasting, time series, data, libraries, machine learning