EEG Signal Identification Using Single-Layer Neural Network


Quang Chuyen Lam1 and Luong Anh Tuan Nguyen2 and Huu Khuong Nguyen3
1Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College, Vietnam and 2Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, Vietnam


EEG signal analysis is applied in various fields such as medicine, communication and control. To control based on EEG signals achieved good result, the system must identifyeffectively EEG signals. In this paper, a novel approach proposes the EEG signal identification based on image with the EEG signal processing via Wavelet transform and the identification via single-layer neural network. The system model is designed and evaluated with the dataset of 21,000 samples. The accuracy rate can obtain 91.15%.


EEG signal, Wavelet Transform, Neural Network