Modeling and Design of Longitudinal and Lateral Control System with a Feedforward Controller for A 4 Wheeled Robot


Younes El koudia, Jarou Tarik, Abdouni Jawad, Sofia El Idrissi and Elmahdi Nasri, National School of Applied Sciences, Morocco


The work show in this paper progresses through a sequence of physics-based increasing fidelity models that are used to design the robot controllers that respect the limits of the robot capabilities, develop a reference simple controller applicable to a large subset of tracking conditions, which include mostly non-invasive or highly dynamic movements and define path geometry following the control problem and develop both a simple geometric control and a dynamic model predictive control approach. In this paper, we propose for a nonlinear model with disturbance effect, the mathematical modeling of the longitudinal and lateral movements using PID with a feed-forward controller. This study proposes a feedforward controller to eliminate the disturbance effect.


Robot, tracking, path geometry, geometric control, predictive control, feed-forward controller.